Tuesday, March 13, 2012

new blog series: inspiring women

Reflecting on March 8 and the International Women’s Day, I might not be able to speak for the global debate on the topic, but I may very well speak about the Swedish media coverage on that day. It focused on sad stories, figures and facts about oppression of women in Swedish homes. Living in the country that supposedly is world-leading in gender equality, I find it immensely important to talk about what’s still lacking in terms of equal opportunity (it terms of eg. career development and salary levels) as well as equal safety (in terms of eg. women finding a way out of abusive relationships).

I would however have hoped for a day like the International Women’s Day to better lift and light the beauty of women. The other side of vulnerability is strength. Hence, my marvellous friend SanneAronsson and I sat down to list inspiring women throughout world history. This is our way of honouring the giants on which shoulders we’re standing upon. We’ll let them speak for themselves. And for all of us. One by one. A new blog series.

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