Sunday, March 01, 2009

Uppsala Creativity Day

Uppsala Creativity Day 2009 – and the first one ever, I might add. The event is hosted by Junior Faculty TekNat and MedFarm tomorrow, Monday March 2nd. I’m so looking forward the the different perspectives on creativity that will be presented. One glance at the speaker list and you can easily imagine how interesting dinner table discussions I’ve had this weekend in Uppsala.

Donald Braben (University College London)
Recreating the Creative Environment

Alice Flaherty (Harvard Medical School)
Creativity as Disease? Neurological Aspects of Idea Generation

Annika Lantz-Friedrich (Uppsala University)
Prerequisites for Creative and Innovative Group Work

Tudor Rickards (Manchester Business School)
A Short History of Idea Engines and How They Change Our World

Susan Moger (Manchester Business School)
Connecting the Individual and the Organisation; the Role of the Creative Leader

Evelina Wahlqvist (University of Gothenburg)
Creativity and the City – People, Place and Prospects

Carl-Johan Engström, (Uppsala kommun/Royal Institute of Technology)
The Creative City - Uppsala's Answer to the New Concept for City Development

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