Saturday, September 03, 2011

pearls of gothenburg III

Viktor Byhr and his Sicilian beauty Etna
Viktor Byhr is a rising artist of Gothenburg. Today, I went by to visit the opening of his new exhibition at the super cosy gallery Mitticentrum. Byhr offers an intriguing mix of stylish font art, garbage collage and his speciality; a humoristic twist on Gothenburg's 'Goa Gubbar'.
Currently, he seems to be as frequent in the Gothenburg galleries as on the street. No matter the space used, he wants us to stop - and think - twice. It's art with a message. A message concerning how we live and how we spend the resources of this planet. It's serious... and playful. Sometimes, he just wants us to stop - and smile.

This Pearl of Gothenburg soon goes LA. Along with other interesting artists, Byhr is selected for a global showcase of spray can art: CANCEPTUAL V.4, at the Crewest Gallery, September 8-25, 2011. Peek his piece >>here.

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